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Large plant III


CNC Saw for rope downpour profiles

The saw dates are able about the operating display given administer, or directly from an Autocad Subscription are read in. The masses become completely registered, profile types and longitudinal dimensions as well as then numbers of pieces become for CNC-Control filtered and hand over. Rest lengths are optimised and if necessary about one Material slide ejected.


CNC Saw for rope downpour profiles

The saw CNC becomes with material about one High shelf seaweed magazine supplies. 12 m long material supply carry the profiles to Saw admission. There dimension-exact cutting by go of an instep block happens and the saw share is firmly installed, are able to 12 m long profiles are recorded. This corresponds Of the downpour length and saves thus expenses in Material purchasing. The cut profile becomes Roles to an other material children's slide transports and for every commission on a material carriage stored.