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Machine refitting

Rebuilding and armament

Advantages by the rebuilding or the armament of existing layouts in your company. Capital goods like for example, pressing, milling, saws, drills or centre lathes, are able by the enlargement of NC or CNC To modules new possibilities for your production or manufacture offer, by the binding of charges and unloader the production trial shorten, or by the coupling of several machine units the high-class security raise. Moreover, these investments offer new short-term depreciation possibilities of theirs available to layouts.

Rebuilding to the quality assurance after German Institute for Standardization ISO in 9000

Another important point is the quality assurance of the manufacturing process. From us used ones control systems own the possibilities with cash code systems, with printers, as well as with mass memories, to co-operate without direct PC binding.


Rebuilding of trick and sanding machines

Here became the servicing-intensive brush engines against the newest friendly to servicing ones Servo technologie traded.

MD7 Turning centre 92KW drive capacity
MD7 Drehmaschine 92KW Antriebsleistung

Cincinaty machine 75 KW drive capacity
Cincinaty Spitzenlosschelfmaschine 75 KW Antriebsleistung

Glazing splash roboter

Automation technology with rough surroundings conditions. Here a hose robot was completely anew built up and electrically equipped. The service follows about an industrial PC TFT and an operating display. Touchscreen surfaces were tuned especially to the user requirement. Thus 5 Achs-was able High-end automation are recorded immediately in the production trial.


Pressing rebuilding

Converted press to UVV with Cybelec DNC80 or with a system ACAS to Foot service.