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General Terms and Conditions
of the Company BMA-SOFT
Meißnerstraße 2, Germany 37297 Berkatal

I. Pricing

Prices are ex works, plus freight and VAT.

II. Transfer of Risk

The risk passes to the buyer, even if carriage paid delivery has been agreed, once the goods at the place (the factory) the supplier is provided for the purchaser, at the agreed shipment as soon as the operational consignment has been dispatched or collected.

III. Offer period

This offer, we adhere to the (specified) bound.

IV. Fourth price fixing

The offer price is based on the offer from you to the calculation provided documentation. At the offered price, we adhere to the (specified) bound.

V. Addenda / additional services / deletion performance

Are provided by the customer after the contract conditions or requires additional supplies / services that go beyond the original scope of the order, we are entitled to make these separately according to time and material expenditure. Should occur during assembly or commissioning downtime, which can't be represented by us, or equipment will be mechanically or electrically non-functional, so we are entitled to them separately.

VI. Delivery

The general conditions of the electrical industry (ZVEI) for domestic operations in the current version.

VII. Delivery and execution deadlines

Delivery time on request.

VIII. Payment terms

All prices are net prices plus statutory VAT.
Hardware costs are for delivery.
Software costs apply after a successful test function.
Commissioning costs are running ability after successful verification.

IX. Warranty and liability for defects

For defects, which include the absence of warranted qualities, we provide a warranty and our liability in accordance with the "General Conditions for Products and Services of the Electrical Industry "in the current version.
Warranty: 6 months after delivery.
Warranty: 12 months after delivery of parts.
Warranty: General in single, or max. 100 000 parts.
Beginning 4 weeks after delivery of the warranty.
Excluded from the guarantee of the wear parts are subject to wear through use. If the faulty part in terms of value is not proportionate to the cost of installation, it is reasonable part exchange by the operator, or the defective module is returned to the factory for repair. Besides the customer orders the installation and takes over the travel and expense costs. Further claims by the purchaser, especially claims for compensation for damage not caused to the item itself, are excluded. For operating locations overseas, we make parts warranty, excluding transport and installation service! When do we remedy defects in the way that we deliver the machine for repair of spare parts required for the free performance.

We are not liable for any damages caused by delay, even if we fall into arrears and are not liable for consequential damage to other equipment and / or by selecting the machine, in particular, is not excluded for business interruption losses jededer kind of compensation for all indirect damage. All disclaimers made here do not apply if our intent is a burden. The guarantee, which is directed to subsequent ends, after a year from start-up in customer work.

X. Performance, Jurisdiction

Performance and jurisdiction is in Eschwege, unless required by law may be agreed. The extended retention of title clause is agreed.

XI. Other compensation claims

Other claims are based on the "Supply of Products and Services of the Electrical Industry".

XII. Retention of title

The delivered goods remain our property until all current and future claims due to us, for whatever legal reason, against the customer.

XIII. Quality Features

In case of order we guarantee the highest quality in our products and services.

XIV. Assured Properties

The friction is described in the DIN-DVS-2218 standard in terms of effectiveness and procedures. The welding characteristics are optimized with our welding machines, but we can't guarantee the results, especially those far from the materials, product forms, the spray processing, storage and ultimately also depend on the machine setting parameters.