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Friction welding Plastic maiting

We offer various ways for joining plastic parts.

In the applications and fields of:

  • rivet
  • welding
  • spot welding
  • punching
  • beading
  • cutting
  • embossing
  • printing

Access to our more than 15 years experience in  plastic mating.





All of our machines contain


  • Touch panel operation.
  • Optional: Multilingual.
  • Rugged frame profile extensible technology.
  • DIN ISO / actual value result recording.
  • Remote maintenance modem.

Special friction welding equipment:

  • Angular positioning under 50ms.
  • Similar servo feed.
  • Optimal control of the welding process.
  • Optional: Envelope curves on way pressure and time of the welding process.

... and much more! Ask for it!