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Complete automation - Tact streets

Single Stations: For different manufacturers of great layouts single share modules were manufactured and delivered. As Example loading and discharging stations, test stations, as well as rivet and sweat stations. These stations can work self-sufficiently and became about different control sound coach systems, as well as easy I/O interface signals, integrated in the whole trial.

Complete Tact streets
The tact streets completely manufactured by us work in most cases with car ancillary-pursued, to car manufacturers, but also in the textile industry.

As examples:

  • We have manufactured tact streets with 20 places for manufacture switch heads and have delivered.
  • Layouts to the production of lotion - management system.
  • Control layouts for chromium-plating of hydraulic poles.
  • Layouts to the reaping of food containers.
  • Layouts for the treatment and fold from plastic-canvas and so on...